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Niki's 5 Do’s and Don’ts from a New Pet Parent Feat Burt

Niki's 5 Do’s and Don’ts from a New Pet Parent Feat Burt
Hi, I'm Niki, marketing consultant to Aardvark and proud new pet parent

It was always on the cards... ever since my family dog Sam padded on to doggy heaven, I knew that one day, I would become a pet parent. 

Fast forward many years and I finally welcomed Bert into my life. Bert. Where can I start? He is the gentlest, nuttiest, funniest cockerpoo and I find myself just gazing at him in adoration. And while he’s been with me for seven months now, it’s taken until this point to really get the hang of being a pet parent to a crazy fur baby. 

I did my research, bought the gear, prepared my home but as with having a real human baby coming into your life, it’s never quite as straight forward as the books make you believe. But I’ve survived and learnt and it now feels as if he’s been with me forever. So for what it’s worth, here are my top five do’s and don’ts when becoming a pet parent for the first time:

  • Don’t be fooled into thinking that your puppy will be the only one that will never poo on an expensive rug while purposely swerving the crappy cheap ones that cover most of the house. 
  • Do stick to your guns and make sure you absolutely, under no circumstances, allow your puppy to sleep in your room, or on your bed, or even (on chilly nights) tucked under the duvet. 
  • Do expect to question whose brilliant idea it was to get a dog while standing at 2am in the garden, in the snow. 
  • Do make sure you have nailed that recall before taking your excitable pup on a walk on a wet muddy day and helplessly watch him run towards the super stylish person in white jeans. 
  • Don’t find yourself becoming a total bore spouting off to anyone who will listen about your new puppy’s bowel movements, eating habits, training progress or delicious cuddles. 

Honestly, stick to these key points and it will be a breeze. Perhaps I should havelistened to my own wise words…