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Aardvark will be returning soon 🐶🐱 Aardvark will be returning soon 🐶🐱

We’re a group of outsiders who didn’t like what we saw and decided to be the change

We’re very proud to be independent and we will always put our pets before profit

We love looking after our animal friends, but we know that meeting their nutritional needs can sometimes have a negative effect on the environment. Pets are responsible for as much as a quarter of the damage associated with the meat industry, so reducing their environmental pawprint is essential to our planet’s future. That’s why we’ve developed our crunchy kibbles from sustainable insect protein instead with all natural ingredients and no fillers. This means that it’s good for your pet and the planet!

Founder and CEO

Hugo Walters

Aardvark started with my two family cats, Cocoa and Bella. I was looking for sustainable food for them, but this posed a problem. Cats are obligate carnivores meaning they couldn’t be fed a plant-based diet. I was shocked to find the world’s 500 million dogs and cats eat 20% of the planet’s meat.

Our pet’s consumption of meat produces 64 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and methane in the US alone - that’s the equivalent environmental impact of 13.6 million cars! So, at Aardvark we set out on a mission to reinvent pet food.

We’ve created the world’s most sustainable range of dry kibbles…

…for dogs and cats that uses protein from insects rather than animal meat. This is both easier for pets to digest and is far more sustainable, producing 80x less methane per kg when compared to beef. We don’t do fads or gimmicks. We’re totally transparent about our recipe. We list all our ingredients which we source from companies who care about their environmental footprint as much as we do.

When it comes to our insects you get the whole grub, amino acids, proteins and minerals…

…needed to make your pet’s digestion as smooth as possible. Just ask the British Veterinary Association which endorses insect protein and says it’s even better than steak for your dog and cat. All our food is backed by world-class nutritionists and pets…well they love the taste! Choose Aardvark and help pets save the planet!

Cocoa & bella

The Story

Our founder, Hugo, couldn’t find sustainable food for his two Burmese family cats, Cocoa and Bella

Meet two of Aardvark’s experts

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Emma Passman

Head of Nutrition

Anthony Chadwick

Aardvark Advisor

Emma Passman

Head of Nutrition

Emma has more than twenty years' experience formulating and developing pet food for some of the biggest pet food companies in the world. She's now put her experience towards developing the world's most sustainable kibbles for dogs and cats at Aardvark.

Anthony Chadwick

Aardvark Advisor

Anthony is not only a veterinary surgeon but is also the CEO of The Webinar Vet, Europe's largest online veterinary training provider. He brings a wealth of experience to Aardvark and it goes without saying he is a huge animal lover.