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Insect protein?

Why shouldn’t I feed my pet a meat-based diet?

What we have been feeding our pets is responsible for a quarter of all the environmental damage associated with the meat industry. In the US alone that amounts to around 64 million tonnes of CO2 and methane - the same as 13.6 million cars. Put simply, this just isn’t sustainable. At Aardvark we believe our novel insect protein kibbles are the most sustainable way to fuel your pet - using 12x less feed and just 2% of the land it takes to produce the same amount of protein as beef. 

Why is insect protein more expensive than protein from animal meat? 

At Aardvark we're dedicated to making the most environmentally-friendly pet food possible. This does mean the process of producing the food is a little more expensive. The insect we use is called the black soldier fly, it has amazing benefits such as being high in protein and having all the essential amino acids needed for our pets. However currently being such a new industry, the black soldier fly costs as much as 10X more than the meat derivatives generally used in pet food. We're proud to use such a high quality ingredient in our pet food but this does sadly push the price up. Due to the great benefits of insect farming, we anticipate a large growth in this industry, and this over time will result in the price of insect protein reducing. We also think that while meat may be cheaper, the detrimental environmental effects it causes will cost us much more in the long term!

Can’t dogs and cats be fed a plant-based diet?

While it is possible to put dogs on a plant-based diet, they run a much higher risk of developing nutritional deficiencies whilst on one. The British Veterinary Association strongly recommends against feeding cats a plant based diet. Cats' digestive systems are not designed to extract plant based proteins and they also require taurine which is not found in plant based diets.

Isn’t a plant based diet more sustainable for dogs?

While there are plant based dog foods available, the majority of these are made from soya which has resulted in severe environmental damage through deforestation. The Amazon region has been particularly damaged by soybean cultivation. Given the incredibly low land, water and feed costs it takes to produce our insect protein we believe that Aardvark is the most sustainable way to feed your pet. 

Is insect protein good for my pet?

Aardvark isn’t just great for the planet, it’s also naturally rich in antioxidants, hypoallergenic and protein rich, making it pretty perfect for your pet too.

Our products

Has Aardvark been approved by vets? 

All Aardvark pet food is vet approved and we'll never sell pet food on our website which isn't!

Will my pet like the taste of Aardvark?

Yes! Aardvark pet food has been fully taste tested with real dogs and cats so we're sure they’ll love it. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our customer reviews. 

Is Aardvark suitable for a hypoallergenic diet?

Our grubs are a novel protein which means they are far less likely than chicken or beef to trigger intolerances in dogs and cats. 

What are Fructooligosaccharides and Mannan Oligosaccharides? 

They may sound scary, but Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS) are actually amazing natural probiotics. They can be found in all sorts of tasty plants and work by feeding the good bacteria in your pet’s gut which helps reduce the number of bad bacteria that can make your pet feel unwell. 

Can I find Aardvark in pet food stores?

Not yet. You can find our range of crunchy kibbles here online delivered directly to your door, but we are already looking to bring our range into pet food stores in the near future. 

Is Aardvark’s packaging recyclable?

Yes, both the shipping box and our plastic-free bags are recyclable.

Orders & Returns

Is a subscription to Aardvark cheaper than buying Individual bags?

Yes! By subscribing you save 10% on each bag of Aardvark you buy and can arrange regular home deliveries so you never have to worry about rushing out to grab food for your pet. 

How can I change the delivery date of my subscription?

Log in to your Aardvark account through the ‘My Account’ button and click ‘Manage My Subscription’. From there you can choose to change your subscription’s delivery date and frequency.

How do I cancel my Aardvark subscription?

To cancel, log in to your Aardvark account through the ‘My Account’ button and click ‘Manage My Subscription’. From there you can choose to change your delivery date and frequency as well as pause or cancel your subscription. Paused subscriptions can be immediately restarted, but a new subscription will have to be created if you wish to subscribe to Aardvark again. 

Can I return my bag of Aardvark pet food?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns. If for any reason your pet does not get along with Aardvark then we urge you to please donate your bag to a local shelter rather than throwing it away.

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