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Aardvark will be returning soon 🐶🐱 Aardvark will be returning soon 🐶🐱

For pets that love the planet

Sustainable fuel for planet-friendly pets, nutritionally balanced with insect protein

Vet approved

Recommended by expert veterinarians

Protein rich

High in protein and perfect for sensitive stomachs

Healthy grubs

Insect protein contains all the essential amino acids


Made without meat for minimal environmental impact

Pet approved

Deliciously blended recipe free from unnatural nasties

Aardvark is on a mission to make pet ownership more planet-friendly.
Pets are responsible for as much as a quarter of the damage associated with the meat industry, so reducing their environmental pawprint is essential to our planet’s future. That’s why we’ve developed our crunchy kibbles from sustainable insect protein instead with all natural ingredients and no fillers. This means that it’s both good for your pet and the planet!
Aardvark pet food bag being opened from Aardvark shipper box

Pet food,

just not as you know it



This Is the future of pet food.

No fillers,

no grains,

no offcuts and no ingredients you don’t understand.

Just everything your pet and the planet needs to thrive.

8.8 Tonnes... That’s how much CO2 you could save In your pet’s lifetime by switching to Aardvark

1/4 of all the environmental damage associated with the meat industry comes from our pets. We want to change that

If every dog and cat In the UK made the switch to Aardvark we could save: 183,040,000 tonnes of CO2

That’s a lot of CO2, the equivalent of flying around the world 120,000 times

To take that amount of CO2 out of our atmosphere you’d have to plant 20 million trees

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Order now

Choose from our pet and planet-friendly range for dogs and cats.

Pets of Aardvark

Not only am I happy about it being better for the planet but Alfie's stomach is so much better since we switched to Aardvark

Alfie & Julia (Pet Parent)

Minnie is very fussy so was worried she wouldn't like them but she loves her Aardvark kibbles. One very happy customer, not sure if that's me or Minnie!

Minnie & Rose (Pet Parent)

Tinks loves the Aardvark kibbles, her coat seems more glossy and I'm so pleased to finally be able to feed her something environmentally friendly

Tinks & Tigi (Pet Parent)

Been looking for sustainable pet food for a long while and so really pleased to have found Aardvark. Helps that he loves the taste as well!

Boujee & James (Pet Parent)

I hope Budge is as happy as I am about finding sustainable pet food, if we're going on how quickly he eats it then he is!

Budge & Iona (Pet Parent)

I'm telling every dog and cat owner I know about Aardvark - her coat is so shiny since switching! One happy customer

Tana & Ella (Pet Parent)

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