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Nash's guide to pet parenting feat Fudge

Nash's guide to pet parenting feat Fudge
Hey I'm Nash, Aardvark's Creative Director and personal assistant to the lovely miss Fudge.

I don’t think either of us expected her to become one of Aardvark’s very own cover stars when we adopted her from Battersea in December 2019. It was her second visit to the home, having been passed around through no fault of her own. After an agonising wait due to a small bout of sickness we welcomed her in just in time for Christmas. Since then she’s loved having us working from home to wait on her every need and has leapt at the chance to show off her long-haired coat in front of the Aardvark camera. She’s definitely a bit of a diva though, and will passive-aggressively munch any houseplant within reach if she thinks she’s due a new bowl of food.  

Fudge isn’t the first cat to steal my heart, however, that would be my two family cats Spider, and most importantly, Bollo (yes, named after those Mighty Boosh characters). Brother and sister from a friend’s mixed litter, they couldn't be more different. If Spider simply refuses to be picked up or sit on anyone's lap, preferring his warm spot in the kitchen near the hot water pipes, then Bollo can hardly be stopped from curling up on my bed. I have desperately missed being able to visit them over the pandemic, but thankfully I actually received a little painted portrait of Bollo from my partner, that now hangs above my bed - for now it’s good to have her close.   

If there’s one thing I've learnt from Fudge that I wish I’d known when Bollo and Spider were growing up, it's grooming. Not only does she adore it, but as a domestic long-hair it’s absolutely crucial we help maintain her flowing coat. Grooming can also help manage malting and prevent the build up of fur balls - and it’s much harder to start once they're older! Fudge makes it easy though, hopping up onto a little wicker chair and stretching herself out when it’s grooming time.